How We Started


How We Started....


It all started when…

HRD began with modest beginnings. The skill set of HRD's ownership and team, illustrated their expertise within the construction industry.  Through their hard work and dedication, HRD turned a small scale framing team into a large scale multi-dwelling influential team. They became a lead framing company within the Saskatchewan area. HRD has since expanded their company into Alberta and British Columbia. 

HRD has continued to be involved in all aspects construction and woodworking.  They provide services in the construction industry for framing and foundation work. They strive their company on the values of quality, integrity, and progress. These values have brought them to where they are today and will continue into the future. They have taken pride in their scheduling strengths, setting them apart. Scheduling has been able to ensure the project is on time and assisting with being on budget. 

HRD has continued to grow within the construction industry, focusing on custom home build and remodels. Working with their clients hand in hand, expressing creativity, ensuring their clients dreams are met while building their home or project. There are no limits with custom elements and the quality of workmanship is consistent through every detail. HE Builds SHE designs! 


“Let your yes be YES and your no be NO”

— MATTHEW 5:37