The Building Process 

At HRD we understand that building your dream home is one a the largest decisions you will make.  When you partner with the HRD team you receive a guided build process.  We make it our goal to ensure that you not only receive a beautiful home that is a reflection of you and your family but that you have a engaging, stress-free, enjoyable, building experience.  

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Approximately 2-4 weeks

Building a custom home is just that. It's custom! You won't have a feeling of buying a prebuilt house that you have to settle on certain aspects that don't work for your family and lifestyle. We encourage you to start by sending us your wish list of must haves and wants. This includes design, layout and any aesthetics. Let us take it from here and piece all the information given to us into your dream home. You will have the opportunity to sit down with our team and go through a fun design experience. Let your dreams begin, the sky is the limit!  

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Approximately 2-6 weeks

Its time to turn that wish list into your home. Bring us your own plans, design from scratch with our team, or customize an already existing house plan to fit your families needs. Our team will ensure you're building the perfect home for your lot size and location, your lifestyle and budget. We understand that every dollar counts when building your dream home, that's why our team will work within your budget going through every detail so there are no hidden costs. Your quote will include an itemized breakdown to avoid any surprises. 

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Approximately 6-8 weeks

With your house plan in place, its now time to sign your paperwork and finalize your building loan. Prior to construction, our team will meet with you at your site to discuss the unique characteristics of your lot and any architectural guidelines that need to be followed.  Next, you’ll meet our team who will assist you in guiding you through each selection decision making process with ease. From flooring choices to custom cabinetry, plumbing and lighting fixtures to the walk in closet, our team will be with you every step of the way. You will then have a pre construction meeting to review every detail of your home  with our team where your dreams will become reality!

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Approximately 5-8 months

This is the moment you've been waiting for, breaking ground on your custom home! From this moment forward, you will be kept up to date with your building process through our online system. You'll have access to progress photos and communication with our whole team. We invite you to make a appointments with our team and walk through the site during different building stages. We ask that you make an appointment for our own safety on the construction site.  

We invite you to learn more about each stage of  building of your home so you know what is next and when deadlines for each of your selections need to be made.   

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You've just turned your dreams into reality, it's moving day! But wait you will receive a sneak peek of your home with a two week prior to possession walk through.  You will also be assured that when you choose to build with HRD you will receive full home warranty with Progressive Home Warranty. This offers you:

  • 1 YEAR - MATERIAL & LABOUR - This takes care of finishes throughout the home, including any defects in flooring, paint or trim.
  • 2 YEAR - MECHANICAL SYSTEMS - This primarily covers defects in labour and materials related to heating, plumbing and electrical systems.
  • 5 YEAR - ENVELOPE COVERAGE - Building envelope means the exterior shell of the home, including the roof and walls. 
  • 10 YEAR - STRUCTURAL DEFECT - This covers the key structural components of your home, including its frame and foundation.